You are lying down, because you are tired. You are closing your eyes and trying to relax your muscles, but all you might hear is a racing heart. Maybe you have something in your mind that you cannot stop thinking about. Or maybe your neighbours are throwing the loudest party ever and you already have to get up soon. Being sleepless is taking a lot of energy out of our bodies, especially if we are being sleepless over a longer period of time. But there is good yoga that helps against insomnia and here are some advices for restorative, calming yoga poses that will help you to wind down a good night’s sleep.  LEGS-UP-THE-WALL POSE / VIPARITA KARANI Passive, supported variation of a shoulderstand viparita karani. You'll need one or two thickly folded blankets or a firm round bolster. Rest your legs vertically on a wall or on another upright support.  Step 1 - Before performing the pose, determine two things about your support: its height and its distance from the wall. If you're stiffer, the support should be lower and placed farther from the wall; if you're more flexible, use a higher support that is closer to the wall. Your distance from the wall also depends on your height: if you're shorter move closer to the wall, if taller move farther from the wall. Experiment with the position of your support until you find the placement that works for you.  Step 2 -…

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